For the Men

A wedding is a Bride's special day, but it is also a special day for the Groom. One of our unique services we offer that other companies don't is the chance to hire a chauffeur driven car to take the Groom and best man/men to the wedding venue.

Currently our privately owned fleet offers the choice between three modern classics. For the 80's car fan we have an original Audi WR Quattro finished in black. This was Audi's road going version of the mighty Quattro that dominated rallying during the early 80's. With a leather interior and gutsy engine it is guaranteed to turn heads when you arrive. Also available is a Golf GTi Mk2. This is an immaculate blue example, one of the later big bumper models it was the more refined updated version of the original pocket rocket of the 1980's

Finally for the ultimate in 90's excess we have a Sierra RS Cosworth Sapphire 4x4. Inspired by the rally and circuit racing giant Ford developed this final incarnation of the Sierra Cosworth as fast road car. With black leather and turbo charged four cylinder engine it will be a ride you will never forget.

Coming soon fresh from restoration will be a MK1 Escort finished in Sebring red. This will hopefully be complete mid to late 2010.